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How supermarket staff became essential workers, and what supermarkets offer during the Covid-19 crisis

Not for a moment have supermarket staff ever been considered essential in any way. In most cases, police, nursing, or doctors were often considered essential and at the front-line during emergencies. Supermarket staff always receive minimum wage and none of the benefits that most emergency personnel enjoy during trying times. […]

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Best Places to start learning about Cryptocurrencies and why you should start learning now?

Digitalizing is at its peak. Anything having the slightest possibility of being digital is converting to its digital counterpart. Currencies, money, credits were once cash. They then evolved into digital currencies, and with the onset of digital possibility in currencies, there appeared a big list of digital currencies by the […]

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The 5 best investment platforms that will make it easy for you to learn how to invest in stocks and shares

Business trends change quickly, but people have always been interested in making money with their money. Digital technology is at the centre of the financial markets and innovation continues. Luckily this makes it easier for you to consider investment opportunities. If you are a newbie, you may be interested in […]

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