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When looking to start a business, we understand it can be a bit daunting about where to start. One of the places to start can be about how your business will look to prospective buyers. A good website theme and design can make a big difference to your business. This is why, we at jbcrowd decided that giving our readers, and users  a choice of different themes could be a positive way to encourage you to start your new business venture.     

E-Commerce platforms. Get your business online!

Embark on your new business adventure today. Have a business already, but looking to get online? Look no further. We partner with the best website theme platforms to showcase the best themes around. The opportunities available to you are limited only by your imagination – the sky’s the limit.


Due to the economic downturn, many people are looking to start new businesses online. If you are looking for a fresh new start, this might be the website theme for you! This template comprises  numerous themes that you can pick and choose to build your new business. To find out more, click on the link below. 


Great if you need a website with booking features.

Best for professionals In the following industries:

Yoga – Contractor – Remote Learning – Consultant Coach – Trainer – Healthcare – Barber – Stylist –  Small Business



Great if you want to start your own community of local and regional doctors online!

How do you start?

Assuming you have purchased this theme already, you start by finding local doctors and therapists, and add them on to your site. You should also think about creating a blog so you can start pulling in an organic reach.      



Many of us have heard about Shopify, and how many businesses are becoming successful by using their platform.

An example is Kylie Cosmetics, which now runs a multi-million empire. If you are looking to start your own Shopify business look no further than these amazing themes!  



 With dozens of themes to choose from, you are bound to find the right one for you. Some of the themes you can find are suitable for professionals In the following categories:

Hairdressing – Make-Up – Consultant -Therapist -Chef  – Cryptocurrency (if you are looking to start a business teaching people about cryptocurrency), and many more!  



 This is the perfect template for fitness professionals. 

If you are looking to move your business online, take a look at this almost done for you website template.

It works with Elementor, and comes with pre-designed templates and images, where basicaly you just place and change the information that describes your business.

You could have this demo up and running In 2 days.  If you are changing the content yourself, you can be ready In one week, this is purely because of the time it takes for you to put your own content up.


Think about using an online virtual platform, and every time you have a class coming, you add this to your website. When people click on it, they can register for your class. There are some platforms where you can charge your clients, do your research. Any questions get in touch using our contact us page. 



Even in times like this, people still need to have their laundry done. If you pride yourself on having your clothes looking their best, you could start a business with local mums, or simply put up an ad where you are looking for stay at home mums who might need extra cash. If they can drive, that would be ideal.  Get a designer to design your leaflet ( I got my one done on Fiverr) and place a QR code directing people to your website. Next order some leaflets from Ebay (usually they do 1000 for around £59), and get them delivered to local households.



If you are looking to start selling a product that you already have in mind, but don’t require a lot of pages, this is the perfect theme. Start small and add pages as you go.

On the other hand, how can you start a product when you haven’t got a physical product yet?

Simple, use a print on demand platform. 

For example, you could do this with clothes, pillowcases, socks, or a myriad of other products.

A print on demand website we recommend is Printful.com. You can choose a product that they already hold, place a design on it.  If you haven’t got any designs in mind, head to creative market.com to choose one, and upload your design. After that upload your product to your chosen website theme. Learn about how print on demand works on Youtube.   



The name says a lot already. With this fantastic theme, you are well on your way to get your business online. Simple to use, it has amazing features! 

Whether you’re business is in fashion, Make-up – Corporate – Gym Trainer – Photographer -creative arts (wanting to showcase your portfolio) etc.

The opportunities are endless.  


the qlean


If you are in the cleaning business or looking to start a business in the cleaning sector, you should look at this theme. 

Stacked with features that will make your business look its best when you use this theme.

Tips on how to use this theme: A good idea is to have a page where potential cleaners can register to work with you. You can also recruit work from home professionals, e.g. that do ironing. Some can even pick up and drop off.  



Could you start your own translation,  interpreting or proof reading business?

If you are proficient in a second language other than English, this could be an amazing opportunity for you.

Tips for using this theme:  If you know other people who are proficient in more than one language you could think of inviting them to get on board, and start by paying them on a per/job basis. 

There are many services you could provide, and to raise awareness you could get in touch with your local council, hospitals and  doctor’s surgeries and let them know about your business.

Make sure you have circulated your business card, containing a QR code that links to your website. Get your card, leaflet done cheaply with Fiverr. Also using LinkedIn is a fantastic way of raising awareness of what you offer. 




What are you passionate about? The Aardvark theme provides you with many website demos to start your new venture.

Think it’s complicated to get it going?

Once you have purchased and chosen your theme, you have the option to get a professional developer (Themeforest) to customise your website just like the demo and work from there.  Alternatively you can get one of our customisation services (find out about these by clicking the link at the bottom of this page).


This is a great theme for you If you are a personal or virtual assistant wanting to work from home and manage your time to suit you.  Or you could just be thinking about changing your job and becoming one.

Do you think you have got amazing organisational skills. Are you skilled at keeping accounts, emails, and a household in order?

Can you book appointments, and get the best deals for your clients?

Services you could look to provide using this theme. 

Diary and appointment management – Travel Booking – Office Organization – Dog Walking – Bill Payments – Grocery Shopping – Wardrobe Organisation – And many others


 Could you cook your best dishes and deliver them locally? 

This theme is simple but yet practical to use. If you have time on your hands and are confident of your cooking skills, go for it. 

What ‘s your best dish?

Are you good at making pancakes, cupcakes, or even burger and chips? The sky’s the limit.

This website theme is perfect to showcase your dishes, and allow customers to order from you.

You must make sure you get all the right go “aheads” from your local council, and also have or be ready to take a food hygiene certificate. If you don’t have a car, consider registering with Deliveroo or Just Eat. Research their prices, and see what’s best for you. 

Where ever your passion takes you, Start here

Find your theme

If you are looking to start a new business, the sooner you get the ball rolling the better. Finding the right theme is just the start. What is your passion? Whether you are a consultant, or a fitness instructor, the opportunities are endless. If you are looking to work from home, you can add a link to your live events on your website, making you even more reachable, or if you want your website to have a multi language capability, so people from different countries can use your services, that can be done too. Customisation services can be found on our get your business online page (find link below).

Get ready to build your site

If you have never built a website before, we are here to help. You must purchase a domain, and find a good hosting company. Depending where you are in the world, we recommend one.com, and ezee.co.uk as they are good value and reliable. Next you should think about what pages you want on your website, and start writing content for those pages. You can use websites such as Fiverr or people Perhour to have people write the content for you, but that can be a bit pricey. So do your research. The way to go about building a successful business is about persistence and consistency.

Get your website theme live, same as demo.

When purchasing your website theme, you might need help installing and customising your website. You can check the website where you are purchasing your theme from, to see whether they offer this service. Most of them do. If you need help setting up your website, and customising your pages, you can contact us using our contact us page or live chat and we will get to you as soon as possible. We reserve the right to deny customisations that are outside our work scope. We can customize up to ten pages of your new website.