How do I post a vacancy?

To post a job, you will have to set up a recruiter user account and create a profile of your business. Once your account is ready, login, click on the post a job button and fill the job description form. Be as detailed as possible! This will give us the opportunity to match and show your listing to candidates with the right skills, increasing the quality of applications.

How long can I post a vacancy for?

The standard length for a job advert is 15 days long. However, you are able to adjust the closing date and time so that it can be earlier if needs be. Please note that once the job is closed and you go past the expiry date and time you have set, your chosen package has been used, you will need to repost a job again if you need to extend the advert further.

How do I access candidate/cv search?

Candidate Search access is only available to recruiters that are on our jbcrowd annual licence products. You are able to browse through hundreds of professionals that are willing to be contacted directly by you. You are able to search jobseeker profiles based on a wide range of criteria including their job experience, job level, specialism and experience. For more details please contact the team via e-mail or WhatsApp chat button.

I am a candidate, do I have to pay to submit my resume?

No, resume submission is currently free for candidates. From October 2020 resume submission will require a small fee.  

About job packages, do you offer refunds?

Yes we do. You must make a request for refund within 3 days of purchase.

What is your affiliate disclaimer?

We partner with companies that we feel would bring value to our users. When a customer makes a purchase, will not cost more, however we will receive a small commission to help us improve services provided here at jbcrowd.

Also when clicking on one of our affiliates, they might have cookies of their own, so it is up to the user to delete these on the affiliate site.

What are your refund policies for websites design services?

We will offer refunds, when requests are made within 7 days of receiving a completed website design service. Please allow 30 days for refund to take place, this is because we need to go back to external service providers, such as hosting and domain providers to provide a refund. Note that we reserve the right to keep £100 of web design costs for labour/hours worked costs. 

What is your Data Protection Policy?

We do not share personal information of our users, unless where in certain cases our cookie policies requires necessary cookies to be allowed by user, in order for a better user experience.

Tell me about your privacy policy

For information about our privacy policy, please click here. 

Tell me about your cookie policy

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