Start an online virtual event

So, you are looking to start a virtual live event but with so many choices out there it’s hard to know which one is best for your needs?

It’s important to understand the  four types of virtual online events and select the right one for you:

  1. Meeting or Group Call – Small group of people. Private
  2. Live Streaming – Public, live and open
  3. Webinar – For presentations to large groups Private. Requires sign-up or opt-in
  4. Evergreen or Automated – Extra Private. Subject to date & time. Pre-recorded.


Online Virtual Events Platforms And Tools

Here is a list of some of the most used virtual online events software’s and tools that you might want to use for your business and coaching sessions.


demio online platform

Demio is one of the best webinar platforms available today. Unlike many webinar platforms, which offer automated or live webinars, Demio offers both, as well as an option for hybrd mixes of pre-recorded and live recordings.

Pricing: Starting at $34/month



GoToWebinar is a popular alternative to Demio that allows you to stream live webinars and send recordings to attendees once it’s finished. It’s a solid platform but it comes with fewer features than Demio or WebinarNinja.

Pricing: Starting at $89/month



Of all the tools in this post, WebinarNinja gives Demio the biggest run for its money.Used by the likes of AppSumo, BareMetrics and John-Lee Dumas, WebinarNinja have nailed all of the little details that you wished for in a webinar platform

Pricing: Starting at $39/month



JetWebinar is another modern option for hosting virtual conferences and webinars. What’s particularly impressive about their platform is how it handles scale – they claim to have less than 300ms lag for events with over 10,000 attendees!

Pricing: Starting at $63/month



WebEx is more than a webinar platform, combing a wider range of features for holding online meetings, events, training sessions, interactive presentations and team collaboration. This sets it apart from the tools we’ve looked at so far.

Pricing: Starting at $13.5/month



BigBlueButton is catered for instructors who teach children online. This platform offers the ability to share facilitation, desktop, video, and audio while simultaneously working with other users through messages, notes, and polls. 

Pricing: Free



Zoom is a general purpose video conferencing tool that caters for business meetings, collaboration and dedicated webinar solutions. There’s no webinar automation available with Zoom but you get a reliable system for an incredibly modest price tag.

Pricing: Starting at $14.99/mo/host


ClickMeeting is another dedicated webinar tool and it pretty much offers all the features you would expect at this stage. The only major thing lacking is the automated relay feature, once again – but you can record webinars and download them for sharing.

Pricing: Starting at $25/month


Livestream is by no means webinar platform but rather a system designed to create studio-like live streaming. The idea is to use multiple cameras, professional audio equipment and lighting for high-end productions, including corporate webinars.

Pricing: Starting at $75/month



Webinars OnAir is a tool that provides “all the webinar features you need” from a platform of this kind. It’s a bold claim for sure, but it’s backed up by a lot of the key features we’ve been looking for in this selection of tools and a few unique ones to brag about.

Pricing: Starting at $42/month



Skype is an easy to use app that allows you to connect with a single person or a group of people. It is a well-known platform that many meeting participants most likely already have personal accounts for service use.

Pricing: Free


Slack helps to connect team members with each other through messaging tools, adjustable notifications and is streamlined with a multitude of office features. With its reliable messaging features catered to employees, email traffic between workers is lessened. 

Pricing: Starting at $6.67/month

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts​

Google Hangouts offers tools to make phone calls, use instant messaging that connects  up to 10 people, and video conferencing. This platform is already installed into Google tools like Gmail. Google Hangouts video calls can be streamed in real-time on YouTube.

Pricing: Free

Microsoft Meeting

Microsoft Meeting

Microsoft Meeting is a sub-feature of the Microsoft Office 365 platform. This sub-feature can hold meetings with up to 300 participants alongside access for guests, person-to-person and team video, phone calls, desktop sharing and file organization.

Pricing: Free

ez Talk Cloud Meetings


ezTalks Cloud Meeting specializes in messaging, video, and audio tools. With desktop and document sharing features, this platform also provides users with a whiteboard feature, sharing highlights, writings, drawings, and screenshots with other group members.

Pricing: Starting at $10/month

Infinite Conferencing

Infinite Conferencing

Infinite Conferencing is a virtual meeting platform that seeks to streamline the process of conducting virtual meetings. Using this service provides users with problem-solving tools to web and phone conferencing plus, Infinite Conferencing is browser-based.

Pricing: Starting at $49/month


Pexip is considered one of the greatest virtual meeting platforms currently in the industry. It allows users to hold meetings on various cloud services like Google Cloud, Amazon Web, & Microsoft Azure, adjusting features to sync to traditional video operations.

Pricing: Pay per host



ON24 provides the opportunity for marketers to create information-based, interactive webinars, content learning, and interpreting audience behavior through polls, surveys, monitoring engagement and conversations, and analyzing resources. 

Pricing: Request pricing



Lifesize offers 4k high-resolution video for clear images, interactive touchscreen interface for conference room phones, and video sharing tools stored in the cloud. Lifesize Go, a browser version of this platform, is free for all users.

Pricing: Starting at $12.5/month

join me

Join.Me has tools that allow users to change URL links to their liking and the ability to choose whatever background they want for the display that is shown during virtual meetings. It also syncs with other work tools like Outlook, Office 365, and Google Calendar.

Pricing: Free

Free Conference Call

Free Conference Call​

FreeConferenceCall offers tools for collaborating and calls with group members for desktop sharing, drawing, and messages for public and private use. Not only is it free but it is simple to use as well. Not only is it free but it is simple to use as well.

Pricing: Free



Intermedia syncs video conferencing, messaging, and desktop sharing tools on a service based in the cloud. If you upgrade to the Pro Plan, you can transcribe and record meetings in real-time plus receive an infinite amount of space in the cloud.

Pricing: Starting at $10/month

Amazon Chime

This service syncs with Alexa, an AI assistant service created by Amazon, for virtual business meetings. Amazon Chime offers calls, messages, digital meetings, and video conferencing. If you use the basic features of the platform, the cost of this service is free. 

Pricing: Pay per feature